Tuberculosis Symptoms

Tuberculosis Symptoms

Tuberculosis Symptoms: A certain illness is deemed to be very contagious and is avoided by people all around the world, it is called Tuberculosis, but it is more popularly known
and referred to as TB. Tuberculosis is a very common disease of the lungs. It is caused by a bacterium called Myobacterium tuberculosis. However, it is notable to know that only a one tenth of the people infected by this bacterium ever progress into a full-blown Tuberculosis. Read about mono symptoms and signs.

There are many types of tuberculosis. One is called the pulmonary tuberculosis. It is an initial kind of infection from which more than a half of the people affected by it can overcome it easily. However, the bacteria may remain dormant in the lungs and become active again in the future, causing a more severe infection. This can also lead to what is called the Tuberculosis pleuritis, a rupture in the area between the lungs and the abdominal cavity. This episode can cause chest pains. On the other hand, there is a form of Tuberculosis which affects people with weak immune systems. It is called miliary Tuberculosis. This happens when the bacteria spread not only to a person’s lungs but also to the person’s various body parts as well as the person’s blood.

Tuberculosis has been affecting human beings as an infectious disease for as early as the Neolithic times. In the past, Tuberculosis was called “phthisis” by the ancient Greek physicists. This term was made due to the fact that Tuberculosis has a wasting nature. Also in history, it was noted that Tuberculosis has been causing one fourth of the total deaths in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. There was not really a known cure for Tuberculosis which made the disease very depressing because of its being contagious and its degenerative character. Many lives were wasted because of Tuberculosis. However, in the second half of the 20th century, in 1952, the cure for Tuberculosis has been discovered.

What is scary about Tuberculosis is that people may not really know that they are already suffering from it unless the disease has already reached an advanced stage. In fact, it can easily be mistaken as flu or some common cold. This is because the tuberculosis symptoms are also very common.

The Tuberculosis symptoms by which Tuberculosis can be detected are too many and some are too common that they are easily mistaken to be that of some other diseases. Symptoms include loss of energy, loss of weight, and loss of appetite. Tuberculosis can also have symptoms such as fever, progressive cough, and sweating at night – symptoms that are easily related to other diseases. However, Tuberculosis also has symptoms that are unique on it, such as coughing up blood.

Tuberculosis is now a curable disease. It can also be prevented. Technology and advancements in the medical field have made Tuberculosis a bearable disease and less of a threat as compared to its grim history. Tuberculosis can now be cured using two antibiotics taken side by side and consistently.